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·Over 25 years of professional sales and service to customers from all over the world
·Recommended in respected travel guides & online sites , including Fodor’s , Frommer’s , Lonely Planet ,  Tripadvisor , Google
·Clients include worldwide dignitaries , diplomats and celebrities
·Supply pearls to distributors in the UK , USA and Germany

Caring For Your Pearls:
Pearls are delicate and require proper care

·Avoid contact with cosmetics, hair spray or perfume
·Avoid direct sunlight , excessively dry places ,immersing strands in water
·Avoid harsh cleaners or abrasive cloths
·Gently wipe with a soft cloth after each wear
·Store separately to prevent scratches from sharp objects and other gemstones
·Air-dry damp pearls before putting away
·Restring pearls periodically

Some of our most distinguished
clients include:

· Former US Presidents , Mr. Bill Clinton and Mr. & Mrs . Jimmy Carter
· Former UK Prime Minister , Mr. & Mrs .Tony Blair
· Former German Chancellor , Mr .Gerhard Schroeder
· Argentina President , Mrs . Cristina Kirchner
· Queen Fabiola of Belgium

Quotation Review

“The most reliable retailer of pearls of all colours and
sizes.The staff speaks English and will string your
selection for you. This place sells
jade and jewellery, too.”

“Shanghai is perhaps the best place to buy fresh water
 pearls , For those looking for something of a particular
quality,head to Amylin’s pearls, where such names as
the Clintons have picked up a few items.”

“Amylin’s Pearls has served well-heeled customers
 like the Clintons and the Putins but the store prices are
 very reasonable.”

“Amylin’s Pearls , High-quality pearls from China and
Asia are sold by a knowledgeable and English-speaking
 staff . ”

“ This is the most trusted pearl shop in
China.Visited by many celebrities and
first families.”

“Friendly owner Amy Lin has some mystique
surrounding her. It’s alleged that she has sold pearls to
 European first ladies and American presidents. Here you
 will find inexpensive trinkets,strings of seed pearls, and
stunning Australian seawater pearl necklaces.”

“I was shopping today. Amy Lin’s had a nice selection
of pearls , from expensive to very reasonable. The
salespeople were not pushy.”

Weight:Generally real pearls are heavier than plastic or hollow imitations for their size .
·Friction : Real pearls are slightly gritty , while imitations are completely smooth . Rub two pearls together ,you may see a powdery residue from the nacre .
·Feel:Real pearls feel cool to the touch , imitations feel oily .
·Visual:Real pearls will always have slight imperfections and  likely not be perfectly round . If too perfect , they are  imitations unless they are very expensive .