Company Profile

Amylin’s Pearls & Jewelry is among the first pearl dealers in Shanghai, China. We have more than 23 years of rich experience in pearl jewel sales. We are highly recommended as top pearl shop to visit in Shanghai by Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, Frommer’s, Traveler, Yahoo shopping ,etc.

Our value customers includes many celebrities and international dignitaries. We provide fair price to all customers and excellent after sale service.


艾敏林氏珠宝是最早在上海经营珍珠的珠宝商之一。我们在珠宝设计及销售方面拥有二十三年丰富的从业经验。在提供给顾客优惠价格的同时,我们还竭诚为每一位顾 客提供最佳的售后服务。艾敏林氏珠宝在业界享有极高的声誉,许多世界知名人士及国际政要都为我们珠宝精美的品质和款式所倾倒。曾光顾过我们店面的部分贵宾 有:

美国总统克林顿, 英国首相布莱尔,俄罗斯总统夫人普京夫人, 美国前总统卡特夫妇, 比利时女王法比奥娜女王。